One of the reasons I love watching Korean dramas is: how the male cast is always the type of leading, superior, powerful, very romantic, and very good-looking, and they always fall for a much simpler, whose social class is somehow under his, likes to stare to the walls and her surroundings, careless, but maintains a very pretty face and slim body.

Believe me, the pattern is never far from that, be it a story about Korean history, the 90’s melodrama, or modern pop animated series. That’s why K-dramas always have its own fans and lovers from around the world. The story is simple but the creator polish them as if it’s an extraordinary one.

But things are changing now that I’m watching this new series called Encounter. Starring Song Hye Kyo and Park Bo Gum, this series shows us a totally different love story! The K-dramas pattern is turning upside down here, because of the following points:
– the male is much younger and comes from a regular family
– the female is much more superior, rich and lonely, from a respectable family and happens to be the male’s boss
– the female is a widower
– the male got nothing but the strong will to love and protect her, and even shows the world his love to her, in an elegant and polite way

By these points only you can breakdown into a somehow more complicated story – which IS complicated in real life, too, can you imagine that? And that’s what makes this drama amazing. It’s not as easy to watch as in the usual K-dramas (that we’re so used to) because we know how difficult the situation of this age-difference love is. We can’t guess how they are going to make it because they are like a pair, holding hands above a plate of snakes!

And that’s why this drama is totally recommended. Go watch it or stream it and let’s be curious for every episode each week.

A Book

I’ve always wanted to write to this beautiful blog of mine, trust me, I have. So many things I should share with the world but, again, I don’t know, I’m just usually lazy and tend to find excuses not to check this blog.

Oh, the dark age is gonna change, after all, I’m hopeful. And by the way, I will use Bahasa Indonesia more – just because it’s easier and quicker to write in my mother’s language, even though it will change the atmosphere, well, a bit.

So here I go, the new age of this blog. Don’t mind the atmosphere-changing mode in here. Let’s enjoy my post.

Welcome to the new world.

Have you ever read a book that’s different than any other books? Like, the choose-your-adventure kind? Buku itulah yang saat ini kubaca, well, I’ve read this kinda book like ages ago, children books of course but what I’m reading right now is for adults. Isinya bener-bener buat orang dewasa karena menceritakan banyak tentang pembunuhan, perselingkuhan, darah, cinta, dan lika-liku kehidupan orang dewasa pada umumnya. Buku unik seperti ini sudah lama tidak aku temukan dan aku yang biasanya merasa cukup dengan e-book sampe bela-belain beli buku fisiknya, just to enjoy the show.

And maybe because it’s such a unique book, yang halaman-halamannya lompat-lompatan untuk mengikuti alur cerita, the author can’t avoid plot holes. And I’ll tell you about it later.

I guess that’s all – I’m going to read the third story. On my next post I will share you how to read this book. Yes it has a special way, you must treat it like none other yang sekedar dibolak-balik kertasnya. See you later.

A Bit Updates

I need to write something once in a while. I got nothing to think of how a proper post should be written and since I don’t quite write about personal things here then I’d just write anything.

I should write that life has been going very well. Well accommodated, much loved, I even gain weight (it’s not much a good news). I can choose to runt and be ungrateful because many people have begun their life – you know what I mean, which I’m eager to have, too – and I’m here on my own way.

But being ungrateful is far beyond my nature because I always believe that good things are coming up.

I also read more, knit more, maybe even spend my money more (blame that cheap online shops and discounts everywhere) but for some things I gotta choose to be faithful (should I list them? No? Maybe later).

I really got nothing to write.

I’m wearing my new hijab came to the mailbox just yesterday, a very thin but soft-furry feeling that’s smooth to touch and light to wear, so not much complaints. It’s not a shiny fabric which I loathe. It’s also very much cheap, cheaper than rice boxes Mrs. Iin sells everyday and I got this without paying the shipping fee (again, blame that cheap online shops–the marketplace!).

I bring green grapes for snacks but they run out very quick.