A Book

I’ve always wanted to write to this beautiful blog of mine, trust me, I have. So many things I should share with the world but, again, I don’t know, I’m just usually lazy and tend to find excuses not to check this blog.

Oh, the dark age is gonna change, after all, I’m hopeful. And by the way, I will use Bahasa Indonesia more – just because it’s easier and quicker to write in my mother’s language, even though it will change the atmosphere, well, a bit.

So here I go, the new age of this blog. Don’t mind the atmosphere-changing mode in here. Let’s enjoy my post.

Welcome to the new world.

Have you ever read a book that’s different than any other books? Like, the choose-your-adventure kind? Buku itulah yang saat ini kubaca, well, I’ve read this kinda book like ages ago, children books of course but what I’m reading right now is for adults. Isinya bener-bener buat orang dewasa karena menceritakan banyak tentang pembunuhan, perselingkuhan, darah, cinta, dan lika-liku kehidupan orang dewasa pada umumnya. Buku unik seperti ini sudah lama tidak aku temukan dan aku yang biasanya merasa cukup dengan e-book sampe bela-belain beli buku fisiknya, just to enjoy the show.

And maybe because it’s such a unique book, yang halaman-halamannya lompat-lompatan untuk mengikuti alur cerita, the author can’t avoid plot holes. And I’ll tell you about it later.

I guess that’s all – I’m going to read the third story. On my next post I will share you how to read this book. Yes it has a special way, you must treat it like none other yang sekedar dibolak-balik kertasnya. See you later.

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