We are welcoming Ramadan, the holy month, which is coming tomorrow. I would be very glad to contemplate and, if I can, change myself into a better lady. My biggest enemy is always my own self and since I realize so many ugly stuff I’m always carrying around, I intend to reduce them by baby steps. Perhaps to talk more decent, to learn to accept and let go, to keep my hopes lower about certain things.

Disappointment is casual these days and what can I expect? Life.

One thing I need to blast off is how observant of me whenever I read or see something I disagree – mostly about relationships, people, love. They make me sick and I should stop. I really have to clear my mind and sit back and enjoy the coffee, and again – learn to take a breath and let go.

P.S. Today is the first time of my entire 3 decades of life to ever lead in a prayer. There had always been a man to do that for sure but for some reasons, just a few hours ago, I did.

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