The little things might be insignificant but they might even help you staying away from insanity. Such little things like good classic songs, praises from people around you, or that old colleagues with whom you can laugh together.

Soundtrack: I Will Go To You Like The First Snow by Ailee (from 도깨비)

Even laughing together completes everything – it can mean you have things in common to see how the world works in a similar way. Not everyone is blessed to meet that one special person, not even as friends. Some people are not blessed for their nasty fate on that area.

What I mean to say is, I always find little things special. They are named little by people, not by me, therefore we are never in a right position to judge someone else. Life is art: if nobody understands you then you just need to keep on going hard – as long as you don’t hurt anyone or break the laws – things, no matter how small and slight for else to see, is always an accomplishment.

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