One of the things she’s afraid to do is making promises. It’s not at all as plain as it seems and things are likely going to be awful once it’s not very-well executed. Sometimes it can even hurt hearts. Sometimes people are being too sluggish in keeping it.

There is this one point of her life when she decided to choose a sort of calmer way of living her days. Organizing big bold resolutions is going nowhere so as a motivational speaker Sean Covey once said she needs to create baby steps in gaining her purposes; they will look and feel painless. And to be devoted to her goals she must do that thing: making promises. To herself. Promises about performing the steps.

To keep promises to herself is one way to learn to be honest and make peaceful deals (primarily) with herself, an individual she presumably only took for granted. Making promises also mean allowing yourself to commit, and what would it need to make such a huge concern?

It takes a sincere heart. And the thought crossed her mind, that to entirely use the heart she must initially believe that she wants to do it. It’s something unquestionably inescapable.

To keep promises, one should first know how to want to commit before successfully accomplishing them.

But still, it’s better not to make promises if you don’t think you can keep them. Since it’s ruled by the heart, nobody knows it more than you.

About People

She wonders why some people come and some people go. There are many reasons and logics but sometimes she still can’t get the big picture since people tend to put a thick, sweet chunky mask to cover what they really have in mind, she isn’t so sure, probably because that’s what people are made of.

Therefore this is why we can’t rely on people so much, not especially your most valuable asset: your very heart—on to the ones whose essential objectives would never be adjacent to your life’s big purposes and substantial agenda, however encouraging they might seem, the more you learn by spending many many times together.

And thus, having to live her life in this bitter world, she needs to stop and attentively listen to her heart, of things she really wants, significant people she wants to spend her life with, and not what people or society wish her to be or to make.


I never know how to express my gratitude towards my family, my parents. My dear parents. Many times I feel like I don’t appreciate all the things they had fulfilled no matter how well-informed I am about how they made such efforts to gain my attention, but what I really think is I am so thankful just to have them around.

My father might think I never pay attention to how he managed to fix my car or my damaged keys, when as a matter of fact I do.

My mother might also think I never put any consideration about her cookings or the cross-stitched flowers she hung up on the wall after struggling to finish it for months, but I really really care.

They let me choose to have what I want and offer me a lot of luxuries, which at some points cultivating the spoilt side inside of me during the phase of growing up, but I can’t help admiring all those things. This paradox, though. Life is such an irony, therefore let’s just embrace it while we still can.


AND when one day I decide to make such an enormous conversion of my life it’s not beyond their concern. After all the rejections, resentments, griefs and reflections they gives up all they thought what’s best and learn—yes, they would learn—to accept and most of all to still provide luxuries to their only girl.

And when I say still, I meant miracles.

Dear father, dear mother, I might never could say this but the truth is I love you.