It’s probably weird to make manufacturing things as a habit. Things from baking chewy cookies to winning high scores on games. Or someday building plazas and generating new scripts for a software.

One’s getting wacky if he should pass through a day without even creating something no matter how plain it might seems. Something to calms his soul down.

People might assume it’s insignificant since how anyone can expect to have fun when it doesn’t pay you anything? People who likes to create usually not think about how to get money, more like how to be amused, with or with no costs.

One can even make three or four different achievements in just one day, as simple as drawing, or cooking, writing, or probably just reading a good chapter in a book. I guess it’s safe to say that they agree to be granted success, because they can gain happiness and satisfaction inside themselves. You can make money all day without feeling happy at all.

And thus, one need not a briefcase full of cash if just a simple stroke on a paper (or his sketching tablet) can already draw him a smile.

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