One of the reasons I love watching Korean dramas is: how the male cast is always the type of leading, superior, powerful, very romantic, and very good-looking, and they always fall for a much simpler, whose social class is somehow under his, likes to stare to the walls and her surroundings, careless, but maintains a very pretty face and slim body.

Believe me, the pattern is never far from that, be it a story about Korean history, the 90’s melodrama, or modern pop animated series. That’s why K-dramas always have its own fans and lovers from around the world. The story is simple but the creator polish them as if it’s an extraordinary one.

But things are changing now that I’m watching this new series called Encounter. Starring Song Hye Kyo and Park Bo Gum, this series shows us a totally different love story! The K-dramas pattern is turning upside down here, because of the following points:
– the male is much younger and comes from a regular family
– the female is much more superior, rich and lonely, from a respectable family and happens to be the male’s boss
– the female is a widower
– the male got nothing but the strong will to love and protect her, and even shows the world his love to her, in an elegant and polite way

By these points only you can breakdown into a somehow more complicated story – which IS complicated in real life, too, can you imagine that? And that’s what makes this drama amazing. It’s not as easy to watch as in the usual K-dramas (that we’re so used to) because we know how difficult the situation of this age-difference love is. We can’t guess how they are going to make it because they are like a pair, holding hands above a plate of snakes!

And that’s why this drama is totally recommended. Go watch it or stream it and let’s be curious for every episode each week.