The Arms

Let’s write some things while listening to a very classic, magnificent piece from Chopin. A piece that reminds her of solitude and longings. The moments her heart aching for just somebody to lay her exhausted head on to, no questions, no inquiries, just a pair of open arms.

And then telling all the stories about her day, and how she says she will be memorizing some of them and stores them inside her very corner of the brain.

And also just looking straight at his eyes. Finding nothing but a shining galaxy of stars. To then sleep peacefully, feeling loved, even though love might be the weakest amount she can ever contain of him.

These Gray Days

The town has been flooded for days thanks to the overwhelming flow of rainfalls, of which people despised, for they had to adjust the routines and everything that has been set and saved. In bitterness and crisp, frosty surroundings they tried to cope and absorb. Cursing the flood, loathing how the gloomy days changed their systems.

But he, he was something. Of anything he has been observing every day on his past thirty years he has found what love actually is. He found it when he enjoys the chill sensation when he put his wet foot inside his shoes. How amazing it was to sense each drop of the rainfall pinning his head, like a thousand needles of weed composing him ease. He walked barefoot on the flooded road by himself, when for sure nobody else had avoided to even go out of their safe doors.

All these rain drops gives somehow a favor to me, and it’s not the end of the world. I can hope for a fresh, lively land when it’s all over and start a new beginning of my days. Those might just would be like any other casual days but they are still brand new. They are promises on every hour you live in. So endure it. Live it. Every agonizing storm has to end in any days now.

Burst in contended hearts, he opens his eyes and watches a yellow sunshine shimmering over the soaked rooftops, babies’ heads and roses.

Crying is For The Weak

What will you be doing when you are lost in happiness of a sweet presence of someone you care about, then like a struck lightning that someone is just gone, without notes, without agenda, without news, without anything to make you less anxiety about the drastic changing?

The love and relationship gurus everywhere keep warning us ladies to just stay calm and let our man busy on their own way. That they just need their personal time or business and will come back to you when everything is done. To think positive. To not complain.

But what happened to me was a disastrous heartbreaking event.

I need not follow any of those lame instructions to know what I should had been doing. I kept thinking, when he was missing without giving me any clues, that he was out of the town and he was busy with family and all.

I never demand him to explain me any details.

I believed he would come back, burst in his sweet smile and say sorry that he couldn’t reach me because he’s got reasons. Enough reasons to shape my smile again. I lived my hours with the strength of that thought. With hopes. With positive mind.

The next three days, my friend told me that he was marrying another women.