The Sun Beneath The Clouds

We don’t need to visit places which names we can’t pronounce, we don’t need to book an expensive flight and stay at fancy hotels, we don’t even need to search for pleasure by having a lot of high end gadgets.

Whenever I feel some kind of weary and it happens to be at a bright sunny day, I look up to see the sky which I never intended to. I just look up. And how I see such a graceful sightseeing above that I have to look back and then stare for seconds.

It is the sun beneath the clouds.

How we can always admire the beauty of the flashy sun with half of its feature concealed by the atmospheric clump of cottonish clouds up in the clear blue sky, and the light radiates the whole surroundings.

Imagine a day not too warm, not too chill, but it’s a rather pleasant weather where you may feel like moving your feet around the sidewalk to enjoy the sceneries, flowers blooming and birds chirping. It’s probably not real but hey, believe me, it’s what people want, at least it’s what comes to my mind everytime I picture a kind of ideal place to live in.

And it sets back my overall mood, heart and brain. It’s like having a sip of ginger coffee, only healthier and cheaper. It’s such a pleasure by just viewing the magnificent scene.

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